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For over 7 years, Abbecan Industries Inc has provided a large variety of work for us, ranging from simple widgets, to complete production ready machines. Whenever using Abbecan Industries, I am confident that I will be receiving a quality on time product, that is also fairly priced.

Their knowledgeable staff puts the customer before the dollars. On several occasions they have suggested more cost efficient ways of producing the same part. When the occasional “rush job” has been placed on their doorstep, Abbecan has done all they can do to get the job turned around quickly.

Abbecan Industries is a unique company that is large enough to design and fabricate full production machinery yet small enough to work with individual customer needs. “Teaming” with Abbecan Industries has been both pleasurable and a cost saving venture for our company and I look forward to continuing this partnership in the future.

Colin Yearwood

As we move toward lean supply chain management, Quality and Timely Delivery of metal parts at a Value Price was key decision factors to select Abbecan as a Prefer vendor. Your ability to make use of our forecast and implemented a Kanban stocking program which result in cost saving for both of us at the same time ensure best in class Quality and Rapid Response to our demand is the value Abbecan provided. Thank you for your help as we move into lean supply chain management.

Van Hai Nguyen
Production Division Manager

We are extremely pleased with the quality of service we receive from Abbecan. We appreciate your responsiveness and dedication to assisting us in whatever project we are working on.

Working in a competitive and fast moving industry as we do, it is imperative our suppliers understand our needs and respond accordingly. We rely on dependable service from our suppliers so that we can produce our customers’ orders on a timely schedule, and you exceed those expectations.

Abbecan Industries provides us with an excellent service tailored to the needs of our organization. Your team and yourself are always available to take our calls or visit us on site, ever willing to work with us to offer help and advise to achieve the best results.

The staff at Abbecan have never refused an order from us and somehow always manage to incorporate our last minute requests into their existing workload while maintaining quality. The quality of your work is excellent and you are always willing to offer advice and talk over new ways of improving our designs.

We feel we have forged an excellent working relationship and we look forward to our continued business relationship.

Justin Jex
Plant Manager

Our relationship with Abbecan has always been based on trust, integrity, and solid communication. Among many more great characteristics, the aforementioned are clearly evident when dealing with the Abbecan team. The President; Ben Reubeni is a good hearted family man that cares, understands, and listens to the concerns of his clients and those around him. I have known Ben for many years now and have been fortunate to witness his tremendous growth as a leader. Ben manages a thriving company with a great number of staff that both like to work with him and truly trust and respect his judgment. He is responsible for the safe and continuous operation of millions of dollars worth of equipment, and for this, his team and clients can rest easy. They know, day after day, month after month, and year after year, their safety and best interest is at ease with Ben at the helm. As a client, we know that our projects will get completed in a timely manner with the attention detail that we would expect to receive. We are fortunate to have worked with Abbecan on many projects and we look forward to countless years of continuing our mutually beneficial relationship.

Adam Bzowski
Man Discovered Fire, Ordan Provides the Equipment to Control It®

Ben has been able to assist us in several custom projects for server racks and mounts that we could not find anywhere. He was able to assist us by designing the solution and building it while no one else could. We were very fortunate that he was available to assist when we had no one else to turn to.

Erez Zevulunov
Director / President